Mercredi 19 janvier 2011

louis vuitton graffiti bag Two fans of stealing wine Beijing to celebrate the victory of foreign det

louis vuitton graffiti bag Two fans of stealing wine Beijing to celebrate the victory of foreign detainees

Xinhua Beijing on July 13 (Xinhua Lu Guoqiang,louis vuitton graffiti bag, Li Shu) 2 to celebrate the Spanish soccer team won the World Cup in Beijing,ladies purses, the foreign fans drinking all night revelry,tanner krolle, the money ran out after him to the bar to steal liquor,orange handbags, administrative detention by Beijing police.

Jimmy (male,expensive purses, 24 years old,cheap louis vuitton luggage, a European people) and Richard (male,purse wholesale, 20 years old,lv bags, an African people) are students studying in China,designer bags cheap, with the Spanish fans. World Cup Final night,cheap louis vuitton, two similar drinks in a bar in Beijing's Sanlitun watch. After the game,authentic handbags, the two bodies of more than 2,cheap handbags,000 yuan in cash has been depleted,louis vuitton multicolor, they used the last of the money to buy a beer,vintage louis vuitton handbags, chat to the side street side to continue drinking.

to beer drinking,wholesale louis vuitton handbags, the two have no money and then buy the drinks. Jimmy made at this time,cheap name brand purses, upstairs bar has been closing,wholesale handbag suppliers, you can steal wine. Followed by two Chuaikai bar the door,italian leather handbags, took out three bottles of wine from the bar.

these three bottles of wine drinking,birkin handbag, they went to the bar,messenger handbags, in order to avoid the eyes and ears,cheap designer purses, from the 2nd floor platform to climb outside the building,louis vuitton diaper bag, crushing the bar again after the window to steal four bottles of wine.

early as 8 o'clock in the day,vuitton handbags, bar owner was found,discount purses, bar the door and window damage,shoes and handbags, counter clutter and quickly alarm. Police arrived and found the still-street drinking Jimmy and Richard.

investigation,louis vuitton wallet price, the two admitted stealing alcohol behavior. Price identification center identification,kanye west
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louis vuitton purse Truck crashed outside conservation units lions are more than 60 million claims

louis vuitton purse Truck crashed outside conservation units lions are more than 60 million claimscaused a traffic accident in Jiangsu province's first major loss of heritage,louis vuitton purse, Shishi management side - the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in Nanjing Museum In addition to the responsible party claims more than 20 million cost of repairing cultural relics, the view of the lions have become dilapidated relics,designer handbags louis vuitton, also called impairment charge 400,louis vuitton mens wallet,000 yuan compensation for artifacts. prosecutors found loopholes in last year's August heritage, national cultural heritage site in front of a stone lion Nanjing Zhan was a truck crashed. The heritage experts,handbag parties, the lions system in the late Ming period 400 years ago, the value of 600,louis vuitton pouch,000 to 800,latest louis vuitton bags,000 yuan. lions after the impact, the public security organs involved in the investigation immediately,louis vuitton discount designer handbags, but the responsible party is not suspected of crime, can only bring the two sides reached a settlement on compensation issues. Nanjing,louis vuitton cherry bag, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum asked for compensation according to heritage experts and the assessment results,louis vuitton clutch bag, the responsible party that the amount is too high, and to the ground and insurance is not settled,louis vuitton shopping bag, the time delay compensation. After the incident,louis vuitton clearance handbags, hospital police officers dedicated to the public line branches knocked the heritage value of expert advice and protection issues, understand where the Confucius Temple knocked lions and many cultural attractions on the road side, visitors climbing,monogrammed bags, motor vehicle collision, so that they may be damaged at any time. urge the cultural relics management department to prosecute After the compensation agreement not be reached. To prevent damage to state property caused poor recourse, we believe that state-owned assets through legal means to recover the loss is the best way. 4 15, Qinhuai District Procuratorate sent to Nanjing, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum urged the indictment, the proposed law proceedings,louis vuitton wallet price, timely recovery of cultural loss. May 4,mens designer bags, Nanjing, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum Qinhuai District Prosecutor's Office adopted the recommendations of the district court to bring a civil action,louis vuitton mahina, request the owner of the driver,discount fendi handbags, the driver unit East Road & Bridge Engineering Co.,louis vuitton epi, Ltd. and three insurance companies car accident compensation charges and impairment Conservation cost 600,000 yuan.
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